Are You a Caregiver – You Understand the Difficulty of Earning Enough Money

Are you stuck at home? Do you have problems getting around or are you a caregiver that cannot leave for significant Laptop for Home Businessamounts of time? Have you ever asked yourself “how can I make money with an online home based business?” Can you have a business without having a product to sell? The answer is YES!

Is Social Security Enough?

My Mom and Dad have learned the hard way, more than once in life.

They have no retirement. We were poor growing up so we didn’t have much. Later in life they started making more money but they never put much of their money away, so when tragedy hit, they only had one option.

Social Security

Wouldn’t it be nice to not be in that situation?

So, here my parents are, both of them on social security. My Dad could still be working and making more money but he has to be with my mother 24/7 which leaves him out of a job he can leave the house for. There are millions of people like my Mom and Dad all over the world. What are they to do?Bills

I have talked with my Dad many times about his finances. My Dad is really good with money and he does a great job of making his money last but they do have to sacrifice. They wear old, worn out clothes, they don’t have internet, they had to get rid of the car because they couldn’t afford the insurance, gas and maintenance expenses.

The received a $40 dollar cost of living raise from Social Security one year, but it was such a strange “coincidence” that their health insurance rose by exactly $40 within the same month. Then, some government official has the nerve to tell them that the cost of living hasn’t gone up. Ha! Don’t make me laugh.

So, my Dad is sitting at home taking care of my Mother and has no ability to make any extra income. Well, he does wash windows for some of the neighbors but that just gives him enough money to plant a few flowers outside their back patio.

Is there another solution for millions of people in the same situation.


But wait. Aren’t’t there a lot of scams out there?

We Have All Been Scammed

So, you have kept reading so far but you’ve been scammed before and we all know that con artist like to prey on the elderly. Well, I’ve been scammed also and I want none of that myself.Scams

How can you tell you are being scammed?

  • Did the letter, phone call or text come out of nowhere?
  • Are they talking about a lottery?
  • Did they ask you to send some money?
  • Did they ask you to pay to start the program?
  • Did they tell you that there’s only a few spots remaining?
  • Did they tell you to keep it a secret?
  • Does it sound too good to be true?

The real problem here is that many seniors are not making enough money to make ends meet. We all want to believe that we may just get lucky and things will begin improving.

We all know the answer here. If it is too good to be true, then it is! There’s no “probably is.”

The only solution is to find a real opportunity that you will be able to work on at home and also realize that it will take some time and will require some patience. So, here’s the answer.

Wait! I Have Questions!Questions

  1. I don’t have anything to sell – You don’t need to have a product, in fact it’s best if you don’t with all of your responsibilities.
  2. I don’t know anything about working online – That’s great. Millions of people started out just like you.
  3. I don’t understand all the new lingo – That’s ok, neither did I.
  4. I’m not good with the internet – Is it too late to learn something new?

Usually, many of the questions are asked out of fear or lack of knowledge about a subject. Well, maybe it’s time to start working on something you are unfamiliar with because your current situation does not offer much hope for a better future.

The Opportunity is Wealthy Affiliate

I learned about Wealthy Affiliate from my son. He told me it was a great opportunity and I responded with “it’s most likely a scam.” He kept talking about this Wealthy Affiliate, so I decided I needed to look into it more for his sake. I needed some more support to show him how it was a get rich scheme, ponzi scheme or an outright scam.

LearningLet’s cut to the bottom line. Wealthy Affiliate turned out to be a great opportunity to earn money online. You can join for free and take part of the training course for free. They give you one week with unlimited access to the site and the community to experience the training and the community.

It took me two days to understand that Wealthy Affiliate was about quality training, building a website “For Free”, learning about how to create quality content and how to get ranked on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Let’s be honest here. Wealthy Affiliate may not be for everyone because it does require some work on your part and patience to let things grow and become successful.

But, aren’t you stuck at home with no way to make additional income? Are you willing to look at an opportunity “For Free” to see if it may work for you?

You need some hope. You need something to look forward to. You need something to help you engage with the outside world. Isn’t it about time you start something and take one simple, “Free” step?

14 thoughts on “Are You a Caregiver – You Understand the Difficulty of Earning Enough Money”

  1. This is a great post. There are plenty of scams out there and it is hard to discern fact from fake. This is a great highlight that we all have to do something to increase our passive income for that rainy day!

  2. Hi Rick, thank you for sharing this opportunity with us carers. I am glad you took your son’s advice and looked into it further. My wife has been a full time carer of our daughter for the past 18 years and that has forced us to survive on one income. We also would like a bit of extra money to afford respite, as my wife and I have not had “just us time” together due to caring.
    It sounds like an amazing opportunity and to be able to try it for free sounds very promising.
    I will definitely look into it further.
    I can’t wait to tell my wife.
    Thank you

    • Thank you for stopping buy. This is such a major issue these days and with so many people reaching that long sought after retirement, they find themselves out of options sometimes. Some of the problems arise out of poor planning and other times it is a life emergency that pushes people into a corner.

      It’s just refreshing to know that there are opportunities available that are real possibilities.

  3. I am not a carer but this caught my attention. My current Job is under threat due to redundancies, so in 6 months I could be unemployed. If not them my job will be safe for another 5 years then the threat happens all over again due to the contract changing.

    So I am looking for something I can do to earn extra money and eventually turn into an online business. I realise this will take longer than 6 months but at least I can make a start.

    Thanks for the review, looks interesting.

    • I see similar problems everywhere these days. Here in Oklahoma, the state budget has been getting hit hard for several years. The funding for schools and infrastructure have been hit hard and I see companies having to make tough decisions to keep the doors open. This was not my reason for looking into online opportunities but it has become more important to me now as I watch the economy struggle.

  4. Hey Rick,

    Very good post and you touched all the right points in the article. There are so many scams online nowadays that even the legit websites are lost in all this garbage. And not only this but people have grown impatient and want success right here right now and in their desperation will believe a scam site and not one that will truthfully will tell you that in order to make money you need to work hard.

    There are opportunities out there. You just need to be open to accept them and try.

    • Excellent points. We all need to run away quickly from something that looks to good to be true.

      Good things normally take time and effort. I think a lot of people are looking for easy ways to make money but consider this. Even if it takes two or three years to build success in an opportunity, isn’t that really a short period of time?

      How many times have I made decisions, or not made them, because something was going to take too long and the next thing I know, I’m looking back at my past and wondering where the time went and kicking myself for not taking action.

  5. Great post ! People just have to be willing to go the extra mile to lead a better life for themselves and their children. Keep up the good work ! A very well written post.

  6. The story about your parents sounds familiar. My aunt and her husband are in the same same position. Another point that you made was about the cost of their health insurance going up, which is also the case with my aunt is in. while i do understand it is difficult to market WA to some seniors, because some are not so computer savvy. However we the younger generation can learn from their mistake and try as hard as possible to move from depending on social security, which is going to go broke in a few years anyway.

    • That is one challenge you bring up about many of the older generation either not caring about the internet or not feeling comfortable with it. However, I do see a lot of our more mature generation using technology more than many of us thought would happen. 

      My Dad even has an iPhone 7 and has learned how to text. I never saw that one coming.

  7. Good Day, Rick.

    This is an excellent post on the need to be constantly vigil while keeping a keen eye on our financial future.
    The cost of living is going up as we speak.
    The money you earn today is worth less tomorrow.
    This is why a “financial education” is of the utmost importance.

    In addition to this financial education, it is a blessing in disguise, when we find a solution to our problem.
    I have accepted your suggestion and taken you up on this free, 1-week look around of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I must say that a free 7-day look around for any program is very rare indeed!
    I am still making my way through the pages and pages of information, free of charge.

    What happens after this free 1-week period?

    What is the best way to go about receiving more training?

    How much will the new training cost?


    • After 1 week you can continue on with a free membership which will include; up to 2 websites you can create, the beginner training course, your own blog, the WA Affiliate Bootcamp course (Phase 1), video walk throughs, access to the keyword search tool, and more.

      I personally found that jumping right into the “Get Started Here” training, launched me deep into learning about building a website and getting started on how to add quality content. I chose to become a premium member after I finished the first course because of all I learned and seeing the value in the training. You also have the option of starting the first phase of the Affiliate Bootcamp training (for free).

      There is a lot of resources you can use at Wealthy Affiliate if you choose to stay on as a Starter Member but if you elect to upgrade to the Premium Membership it is $49 per month.

      Honestly, I had no issue with upgrading to the premium membership. Even though there were still many things I could do as a starter member, I wanted to dig much deeper into the training and tools that would help me become even more successful.


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