I Met with my Doctor Today and We Talked about Blood Pressure

I finally kept my appointment for my annual physical yesterday. I was not looking forward to that. It wasn’t because I don’t like being poked and prodded. I didn’t want to see my doctor because I wanted nothing to do with the blood pressure discussion and the follow up prescription fight.


I Won the Fight!

Well, that’s not completely true. Maybe I was looking for a prescription drug fight but that’s not what I got.

I have been seeing this doctor for about 20 years. He has seen me when I was younger and more fit and he has seen me overweight after having a stroke so there’s not much for me to hide. He also knows me personally and has all kinds of history about me over the years.

The fight didn’t end up with someone all bloodied on the floor and me walking out of the office with my hands raised in the air due to my incredible victory.

Maybe next time.

Our talk was about – Can I Get Off Blood Pressure Medicine?

The exam went on like all of them. We started with the weigh in and the blood pressure test, which wasn’t that bad.Doctor

Next, we proceeded to the next phase of my standing on one leg, closing my eyes, touching my nose and reciting the alphabet backwards.

Oh wait, that is a different story.

The physical test revealed no residual effects from the stroke except my Doctor said I may still have a little slurred speech, which I promptly corrected, with a mumble, that I have been accused of mumbling my entire life and that I need to open my mouth and speak clearly.

Well, that ended that slurred, mumbled speech discussion.

So, we finally get to the part of the exam I hate with a passion. No, it wasn’t the exam that no one wants to get. It was the blood pressure prescription discussion

I started off the discussion with a plea. “Doc, I know I have to lose weight and that blood pressure is a critical indicator of my likelihood to have another stroke but will you please help me to get control of my blood pressure without medication?”

That was pretty much word for word what I said. What happened next kind of surprised me. He pulled up a chair and sat right in front of me and said, “You have to dramatically reduce your salt intake, get on a healthy diet, and you have to lose weight.” He then went on to tell me that he will work with me and schedule another checkup in 60 days but he wanted to put me on a light dose of blood pressure medicine so I wouldn’t have a stroke while I was losing weight.

The Doctor also told me, “I don’t want you on medication either, and let’s lose weight, exercise more, eat healthy and then I will take you off the medication, but, you have to do your part and lose the weight and change your diet.”

How could I argue with that?

I Left the Doctor’s Office with Optimism

Have you ever gone to see a doctor and left optimistic?

On a side note, my Doctor did tell me I was brave to come into the office during a challenging flu season.Optimistic Man

I understand that beating this high blood pressure issue really is my problem and not the Doctor’s. We all want the doctor to fix us sometimes and taking that little pill sure is convenient but that is only treating the symptom.

I was exhilarated that the doctor really was genuinely concerned about my health and my family history but he understood my concerns plus he saw the real root problem.

The Root Problem is Me!

I would, most likely, never have to talk to the doctor about many of my health problems if I maintained a healthy weight, ate right and worked out regularly.

I have written in several articles here that we need to take simple steps to improve our health and that I’m still working on these health issues of mine.

I will get this under control and will not give up, ever!

Sharing My Doctor’s Visit

I really wanted to share my visit to the doctor and the subsequent prescription medication discussion because I want you to see that Doctor’s are not perfect, but most of them want to see you get healthy.

The onus is on us to be real with our doctor about what we want and don’t want, but more importantly, we need to show our doctor we mean business and work with him/her to improve our health.

My next doctor’s appointment is in 59 days. Will I be sincere and work hard to make the improvements he wants to see?

I will let you know in two months.





8 thoughts on “I Met with my Doctor Today and We Talked about Blood Pressure”

  1. Another great post Rick. I love that you always find a way to bring humor to the discussion. This post was very encouraging. I myself have not had a stroke but do suffer from high blood pressure. I have been through all kinds of meds and I have found that most of them come with side effects worse than the blood pressure was in the first place. I am happy to know that it can be done with out the meds. Thank you for taking your time to post this.

    • It’s my pleasure to share this. I was laughing at myself a little when I was writing. It was just nice to really feel like the doctor was working with me rather than prescribing some meds to keep me out of the hospital. Now I have to get with it and eat right and start working out more so I can kick the one prescription I am on.

  2. This is a great post and I love the discussion with your doctors. I haven’t met a doctor with great senses of humor. All the doctors I met are just being too serious when talking about blood pressure. It is a great solution too from the doctor that reducing salt and control your daily meal. Keep it up and stay healthy man. Cheers!


    • Thank you for stopping by and sharing this with me. There are so many situations in life that can go better if we would just fight for ourselves sometimes and ask for help instead of taking the easy way out.

  3. Nice read. ? I recently got put on two weeks blood pressure medication after my ankles suddenly swelled up. But can totally relate about the onus being on me. I do have a sweet tooth and as there is cake and sugar around the house constantly due to my being a cake decorator – I can see changes are going to have to be made. Exercise being the main one. Your post has inspired me to try.

  4. You have a doctor that is rare in his approach to his patients. Most doctors will quickly prescribe you something so they can get their kickbacks. When I read that your doctor did not want to put you on any medicines I thought wow. I wish you all the best with your health.

    • I was skeptical when I went in because my Dad had just told me about something new that was passed which he thought would cause more blood pressure medication to be pushed. I’m not sure if he is correct or not but it did make me nervous when I saw the doctor.

      I think it helped a lot that the doctor knows me really well and I made it perfectly clear that I did not want to be on medication. The only reason I gave into a light dose is that I have already had a stroke plus my family has a history of strokes.

      It did turn out to be a good day though.


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