Make Money While Disabled – Create Your Online Business

Are you physically disabled but want to work? You’re like millions of people around the world with the same financial problem. You can’t work and can’t make it on Social Security alone. What can you do?

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Make Money While Disabled

Do you have access to a computer or better yet a laptop? working on a laptop

If YES, Then you can make money at home!

There are millions of people all around the world, some healthy and some with physical disabilities, but all of them are creating an online website that is their very own and something they can make great money on.

Are you fed up with living off Social Security? Do you have the time to learn and build something that is your own?

Then forget about being disabled and JOIN ME as I walk you through how to build your very own website.

3 Simple Steps to Build Your Own Online Business

  1. Find Something You Enjoy and are Passionate About.
    1. This could be anything you have an interest in. Do you like…….
      1. TravelPerson holding a picture of a flower
      2. Photography
      3. Knitting
      4. Fishing
      5. Furniture
      6. Antiques
      7. You name it, if you have an interest, you can find a way to sell it. You don’t need to own it either. You can sell things through what is know as Affiliate Programs.
  2. Tell the World About Your Passion.
    1. But you need people to visit your site. This is where Wealthy Affiliate will help. You don’t need any prior experience in website design or online marketing. They can help you start from nothing and have your first website built with two or three days.
  3. Keep Training to Improve Your Website and Your Product Marketing.
    1. Training is absolutely critical and this training is easy to follow. There are simple videos to watch that take you step by step through every process. You will have access to a helpful and encouraging Wealthy Affiliate Community that is up day and night around the world to help if you have questions.

It’s that simple. Within a few minutes you will be logged in and will be able to start your training for FREE to see if this is really right for you.

I Have to Admit That I Thought This Was a Scam to Start With

My son came to me over the Holiday season this last year and told me about this incredible opportunity to make money online. I quickly warned him about it being a Scam or a Get-Rich-Quick scheme and he promised me it wasn’t.

Well, you know how kids are. They will believe anything. I know I did growing up.

So, I did what any parent would do and I joined Wealthy Affiliate for FREE to take a look around. I was welcomed and advised to Click on the “Get Started Here” green tab in the top left corner of the screen to start my journey.

I took a few days off to think about if I really wanted to look into this but my son kept going on and on about Weathy Affiliate so I logged back in and clicked on the Get Started Here button.

Start words written on a sign
That’s all it took.

The training was so easy to follow and two days later I had my first website built and was getting it setup so the internet search engines would know where to look for me.

One Last Thing

I have had a stroke and now work from home. My mother had a massive stroke and my father has to take care of her Photo of husband and wife24/7 so I am very aware of what it’s like to be home bound and see the effect it takes on family members and finances.

My mother and father never get to leave the house and they struggle every month with making their finances stretch as they do their best to live off Social Security. and It’s never enough.

So, I’m not lying to you or telling you that you can do it too, in order to make any money off you. I’m in this the same as you are and trying to make ends meet, but it sure is easier to face the future having some hope that their is a brighter future that will help me with some financial freedom and flexibility.

It’s FREE to try out Wealthy Affiliate. You will know within the first week if it’s right for you and you won’t have to spend any money.

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