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My Dad has been a stroke caregiver for my Mother for seven years now. He has been diligently looking for healthy alternative to prescription medicine since he was thrust into the caregiver role.

There were several times in his first several years as a stroke caregiver where medicine and the type of care provided nearly created significant health issues, primarily for my Mother, and then also for my Dad.

My Dad’s health issues centered around some blood pressure and cholesterol medicine along with the stress of being a 24/7 caregiver.

It took several years, but through some helpful advice and some trial and error they have been able to be off most of the medication they were started on and have now found natural vitamins and supplements that they are adamant about them saving their health and most likely their lives.

First Hand Experience at a Semi-Retirement Community

My parents live in a semi-retirement community, yet I would personally hesitate to call it that. Most of the senior citizens there have significant health problems and are mainly there due to the proximity to the hospital and rehabilitation facilities plus the condos are built solely for handicap individuals.

My Dad sees and hears day after day of friends that live near him struggling with mental and physical issues due to health problems. Most of these people are on massive amounts of medication.

Retirement Community

The insight into “excessive” medication or “negative side effects” of multiple medications started about one year after my Mother’s stroke. One of the first problems they discovered was the lower body muscles “locking up” or “stiffening up” due to the cholesterol medication. They tried several types of medication and finally found one, and at a lower dose, that seemed to have no negative side effects.

It was about this time that my doctor prescribed cholesterol medication to me and it didn’t take long for me to experience the same muscle “stiffening” in my lower body as my parents had described. I have been active all my life but within one week of starting one of the cholesterol medications, it became extremely difficult for me to even walk a “half” of one mile.

I bring this one example up that both my parents and I had to show some of the issues people, on some medications, experience. The other issue is that many of these people are not just on two or three prescribed medications. They may be on 10 or more.

I am no doctor. I am an engineer and a stroke survivor myself, and that much medication just sends warning signs all through me.

Holistic Medicine

Partial Definition: holistic medicine looks at an individual’s overall physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-beingNatural Remedies before recommending treatment.

This brings us to the present time after my Dad tried several approaches, working with doctors, to “limit” the amount of prescribed medication they were taking.

After trying many doctors and health professionals near them and some on-line, they found one medical source they claim “changed” their lives.

Health Alert by Dr. Bruce West

They finally found a doctor that looks at your overall wellness, natural remedies, vitamins and supplements to keep people away from prescribed medication. He recommends a book that has a holistic approach to health and you can find it at the link below:

Encyclopedia of Pragmatic & Holistic Medicine Volumes I and II

You Need to Look for Yourself, Encyclopedia of Pragmatic & Holistic Medicine

We all need doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other health providers but it is all of our “own” responsibilities to ask questions and do our very best to find ways to stay healthy or improve our health so the prescribed medicine will find less application in our lives.

Do yourself and your family a favor and start eating healthy, become more active as a family, take natural supplements and vitamins and look forward to a more healthy future.

Healthy Future
I hope you enjoyed this review. Please contact me if you have any questions about the Encyclopedia of Pragmatic & Holistic Medicine and leave a comment below.

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10 thoughts on “The Encyclopedia of Pragmatic Medicine Review – Holistic Medicine”

  1. Great article, thanks so much for sharing. I’ve been guilty of being too quick to reach for the painkillers to deal with a toothache etc, when actually a natural or holistic approach would have been safer and kinder to my body. Will definitely be adding this book to my collection. Cheers, Karen

    • It’s good to be reminded of things in life sometimes. There are so many things I have learned from my own stroke and much more from my Mom’s stroke plus my Dad’s care giving struggles. There have been several times this week that other people on-line have made me aware of several things I have never considered. You just taught me a few things today that I honestly appreciate. I hope you enjoy the book. These are the things we all need to learn more about so we spend less time with the doctor in the future.

  2. I’m all about holistic medicine. It does have its drawbacks. Not every therapy is effective.

    Since a stroke is a neurological condition, I would highly recommend looking into the ketogenic diet, which has research demonstrating effectiveness with epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. It is very effective at reducing the inflammation in the body.

    This book looks interesting. I’ll have to check it out!

    • I agree with you that there is not one right choice for everything. My purpose here is to encourage people to live a more healthy lifestyle and in the end, be on less medicine. This particular book came from my Dad’s experience of looking for the right thing for my Mom and Dad’s situation. They are on only three medicines plus vitamins and supplements. They seem to be satisfied enough and hopeful for the future while not having to worry about side effects from a lot of medicine.

      I appreciate your word of caution though. I am not a doctor nor is my Dad. I am a stroke survivor myself and my Dad has had to live a challenging life as a caregiver while constantly looking for ways to improve their health.

  3. Hi, really cool and interesting post here. 🙂 I really like your kind of view on medicine and alternatives. For me, I can only say I discovered that holistic medicine works way better for me than anything else and I got to a point where I don’t use anything else anymore. I think more people should at least try holistic medicine.

    • I’m a big fan of anyone who will start with natural remedies and look at ways to keep you off the medicine. I know medication is important in some cases but it’s not always needed. 

      The other issue here is it’s not always the medical communities fault for all the prescribed medication. How often do we demand something that will fix us and let us get back to feeling better.

      I just want to encourage people to start asking the hard questions, even questions directed at themselves. We need to look at things we can do to move us in the direction of a more healthy lifestyle.

  4. As a nurse who has worked in acute settings for the past five years, I can attest to your dad’s testimony: people are sicker, with multiple co-morbidities…on dozens of medications that are supposed to help them, yet also destroy them little by little. They can’t move freely or talk or walk. They’re not aging healthily.

    One day, it just hit me: if I didn’t want my parents or me to end up the same way, I had to find out about alternatives to medication and chronic illnesses.
    That’s when I discovered the world of holistic medicine. I love it so much more because, in it, people are not only looking to make a symptom go away: they understand that symptoms are warnings our body sends us before the appearance of the disease.

    It makes such a big difference in prevention and treatment.

    I’m presently studying to become a holistic nutrition health coach. The things I learn! It’s just fantastic to know we have options for any disease prevention and cure!

    This book would be a great addition to my library. I thank you for providing such a thorough review!

    • I appreciate your in depth comment on this. I dislike pointing fingers and I’m not sure how, we as a society, have gotten to this place but everyone seems to want to get the shot or swallow the little pill and forget about the bigger problem(s) that have gotten us to the poor health we find ourselves in today.

      We all need to wake up and help others to wake up and learn to start taking care of ourselves. I’m talking to myself also because, even after my stroke, I’m still struggling with making bad choices; but I have started making small changes in my life that are easy to make and then I keep working towards the bigger changes.

      My parent’s have taught me a lot about just being observant and asking questions to improve their health, even after decades of eating poorly. We need to focus on the present and look at what we can do now.

      Thank you again for such great comments.

  5. I always enjoy reading your articles. We have very similar interest, which is the focus on natural ways to prevent a health problema and heal our body. I am glad you parents are able to get off most medications and doing well now. Western medicine focus too much about symptom management and rarely targets the root cause of a health problem. Covering up symptoms do no good to the body, because you are just trying to fight problem the body is trying to tell you, rather the investigate what causes your body to show these symptoms. Natural ways to better health actually focus on targeting the cause, even though it takes longer, but it has no to less side effects and actually fixes the problem. I don’t deny the wonderful things medicine can do for some health problems and it certainly has a special place in society, but it is not always used appropriately. What I learned over the years is too much of good thing is never good. Moderation is the key. I will definitely be checking this book out, and once again thank you!

    • It always gives me encouragement when people like yourself, that come from the medical field, are at the forefront of looking for natural remedies. It is so important to take a look at ourselves and ask what we could be doing better to keep us out of the hospital later in life. My problem was thinking that I could eat whatever I wanted and believing that nothing bad would ever happen to me. Part of our problems is this short sighted behavior that needs to change, starting with me. It’s just that many things seem much more real to me now as I watch my parents struggle with major health issues every day. Thank you for the great thoughts and comments.


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